Frequently Asked Questions:

General Club Questions

Why should I join the University Film Organization?
You can gain hands-on filmmaking experience, hear from industry professionals, learn about various filmmaking topics from our workshops, network with fellow student filmmakers, make friends, and have fun!

Do I have to be a Cinema Studies major to join?
Nope! Any major can join and everyone is welcome! About half of our club members have been Cinema Studies majors in the past.

What do you do in a typical meeting?
Our meetings range from skype-ins with industry professionals and workshops taught by fellow students to in-person presentations by professors/professionals and trivia games. Some workshop topics we’ve had in the past include: Storyboarding, Film and Video Games, Working as a Production Assistant in Portland, Women in Film, Lighting Techniques, Sound Recording Technology and ADR, Screenwriting, and Set Slang & Using Walkie Talkies. Once every term we’ll do our 60-Second Film activity where we break into groups and spend an hour shooting a one minute film. An annual workshop that has become a tradition is our Gore Makeup Workshop which happens every fall in the spirit of Halloween.

Do you ever watch films during meetings?
We’re more of a filmmaking club than a film watching club, but we will occasionally watch clips from films as part of an activity or go see a film at the Bijou Cinema to support the local art house theater.

Do you ever meet outside of club meetings?
Yes, we have bonding activities such as visits to Skate World, we travel to Portland for filmmaking conferences/events, and do seasonal activities like a trip to the pumpkin patch! We also host two big events during the year, an Oscar Party where we get together and watch the Oscars and the Annual UFO Film Festival we host in May or June. (for more info on the Film Festival, continue scrolling to the “UFO Annual Spring Film Festival Questions” section).

How do I join?
Come to the meetings! There’s no application or induction.

Do I have to be a University of Oregon student to join?
Nope! Although most of our members are UO students, we’ve had LCC students join us in the past.

Who runs the club?
There are six club Officers. They facilitate club meetings and hold separate weekly officer meetings to plan the club meeting schedule. All club members are welcome to provide input into which workshops they plan and offer to lead a workshop if they’re experienced in a certain aspect of filmmaking.

What are the Officer positions and how are they chosen?
The six Officer positions are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, Public Relations Officer, and Equipment Manager. Club members are voted into these positions through elections that occur every Spring Term. To become an Officer you must be nominated, the nomination must be seconded, and you must give a speech during the election meeting (the week after nominations).

Official Production Questions

What are UFO Official Productions?
They’re productions we make with all student crew members (cast members are usually students as well and local adult actors). Our scripts are also student-written.

How/When can I submit a screenplay?
Any UO student can submit a screenplay by emailing it to our club email account, We usually take screenplay submissions at the beginning of Fall Term and Winter Term, and at the end of Spring Term. For more specific dates we’ll post on our Facebook page:

How/When can I sign up to direct, produce, or be director of photography for an Official Production?
We pass a sign-up sheet around the room for Director, Producer, or Director of Photography during our club meeting after we have selected a script. We hold interviews for these positions at a specified date.

What crew positions are available on the productions?
UFO set crew positions include: Assistant Director, Casting Director, Gaffer, Art Department, Costume Department, Makeup, Boom Operator, Locations Manager, and Production Assistants. Post production crew positions include: Editor and Music Composer/Sound Editor.

How/When can I sign up to be a crew member for a production?
We pass a sign-up sheet around the room for crew positions during the two club meetings after we have selected a script.

My script was chosen to be an Official Production, can I still participate in the production?
You can participate in pre-production and casting for the film or post production and edit the film, but not during the production phase. Sometime there are special circumstances permitted. Consult the officers if you have questions about a specific script!

Equipment/Unofficial Production Questions

What kind of equipment does the club have?
The cameras we use are Sony NEX FS100s, 2 Canon C100 Mark II, we also have a boom mic, C-stands, lights for a three point lighting system, colored gels for the lights, and sand bags to secure the equipment when it’s set up. We also have a collection of lenses.

How can I use the equipment?
To be eligible for our equipment training, you are required to be a club member for at least one full term, having attended five meetings. Once you are eligible, you can attend an equipment training session after one of our club meetings (we have one equipment training session every term). The week after the equipment training, we have equipment testing (again after the club meeting). After you pass equipment testing you are “equipment certified” and can check out equipment by contacting the equipment manager at least three days in advance.

Can I use UFO equipment for a personal project?
Yes, once you are equipment certified, you can check out UFO equipment if you include at least two other UFO members in the project. We call these “Unofficial UFO Productions”

UFO Annual Spring Gala/Film Festival Questions

What is the UFO Annual Spring Gala?
A film festival for University of Oregon student films, open to all members of the public. The event is free, there’s an audience choice prize called the “Audience Award,” and free food.

Are there any criteria for submitting a film?
The only criteria is that the film was made by a University of Oregon student and it must be relatively recent (Finished no more than one year ago). There are no subject or length requirements, though in the past we have not shown films with a length greater than twenty minutes.

How can I submit a film?
To submit a film, email it to our club email account,

Can I submit more than one film?
Yes, you can submit multiple films!

What does the winner of the “Audience Award” receive?
The prize is a movie-themed gift basket and a trophy to commemorate the accomplishment.

How much does it cost to attend?
It’s free!

Can only UO students attend?
Nope! The event is open to all members of the public, so anyone can come enjoy the food and films!

Written by Shelby McIntyre – 2015/2016 Academic Year

Updated by Danielle LeBlanc -2017/2018 Academic Year



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